GERP 2015 – sofascening and ghostly appearances

As it did not seem possible to transport our dignified luxury middleeaged bodies to Sweden this time around, we had to participate some other way – so Mr. Curt composed the music (using Cinter, Blueberrys VST softsynth) for the Loonies 20-year slideshow “Painted Memories” which came third in a rather long Amiga demo competition – and participated in chipmusic competition with “Hip Skip’s Hip Chips” (try and say that quickly after 15 beers). Thus, I (Curt) was there in spirit – hopefully next time, Blueberry, Corial and the rest!

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Revision 2015 – better late than never!

Ah yes, there was this demoparty back in april … It was called Revision and was held in Falling… Bing…. ah no, Saarbrücken (prostitution capital of Europe). Curt Cool is a regular at these things, and this time chose to fly to Luxembourg (which is quite close to Saarbrücken) and meet up with a certain Crown/Cryptoburners who he is involved in making AMP with. So, him & Psycho/Loonies went to Luxembourg on a cheap flight with a very small jet with room for 50 people, and later on Crown drove them to Saarbrücken.

At the party place, there was … beer! And women! And thus ends the party report … No, wait:

As such, Curt wasn’t really planning anything, but had brought a 4 channel mod, which came 7th in a very tight competition with some quite awesome people. He also found time to make a shitty oldskool executable module using Blueberrys quite fabulous Amiga OCS/ECS VST synth and another one for this 4k intro by BooZombies – thanks Adellan & Super-Hans for letting me in on it, because, regardless of its position in the compo, it was actually pretty fine. Always a pleasure!

Also, of course, greets to the Amiga table – Bonefish & Psycho, Blueberry, Triace, Novel & the Moods band, Santa, Virgill, DJ Joge, Hoffman and all of those (most) I forgot to mention or was too drunk to remember now.

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The Real Submarine After Christmas 2014 – Curt does QUANTITY

Aye, Craptain! DEPTH does quantity – or rather, Presence made a challenge for Curt Cool at TRSAC 2013: Make 5 competition entries for the competitions at TRSAC 2014 – but Presence suffered a shameful defeat (what a disgrace), since he only managed to release 0 (zero) productions – whereas the dear Mr. Curt made no less than 5. Most prominently, the demo Spiked & Spiced by Focus Design (3rd) featured music by Mr. Curt. He also released tunes in the executable and oldskool music competitions (2nd and 4th) and really pathetic stuff in the freestyle graphics and photo competitions. He also won the beer and schnaps drinking competition, he had with himself, making this another awesome party. Cheers to EVERYONE there. No less. Travelling compatriots. And the orga-nice-rs. Sweet men in navy uniforms. Mmmm. Wait, there’s a link.

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Solskogen 2014

Ah, some Norwegians visited a Norwegian party. Now there’s something new. Skurk suffered a fit of activity and released something. Now there’s … No, wait, it actually happens sometimes. Maybe some more to come, who knows? Anyway, I (mr. web editor) am told that it was “an awesome party” which I indeed believe it was. However, I was away from the family the week before at some random Danish festival and was thus not able to attend since family also need time sometime(s). To see whatever might have been released (at Solskogen), you could, for instance, go this way. Or if you don’t wanna, just get wasted on something and imagine it.

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Hmmm, it’s been a month since REVISION 2014 (or “The Intergalactic Demoscene Spacecup” or sumthin like that), and well, this blockbusting party was visited by mr. Curt Cool, sitting along with Corial and Blueberry (for instance) which resulted in a nice 64k intro and an equally nice 4k intro (which both made it to 2nd place in very close competitions). Curt also had a bit of fun in the tracked music and 32k executable music competitions with varying results and did a bit of voice acting for a certain game about going to a certain former German easter party – guest starring mr. Cool himself.

Bah, it’s strange talking about yourself in 3rd person. Anyway, I had an awesome party, greets to DUB, Loonies, Moods Plateau, Focus Design, TRSI, BooZombies and lots of others, was I the only one drinking dark German beer? (Kötzritzer still!).

See you next year, everyone (hopefully before :).


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Folded Open

Together with our good friends in Focus Design we made Folded_Open (as in Corial & Curt Cool did one of their fancy-ass co-operations), this time for Datastorm 2014 which Corial visited, leaving poor Curt alone home with wife and kids. We came 2nd. People liked it. It seems. Really.

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TRSACrebleu 2013

Yeah, Mr. Cool & Mr. Presence were there and had fun and drank beer, schnaps & waffle liquor. Curt also released two tewns, worthy of mention is “Pardon My French” (title should be spoken with a heavy french accent to make it sound extra stupid) which made it to 2nd place in the tracked music competition. Not so bad. Greetings to all of you soopa doopa TRSACers, wonderful time as always!

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Some time has assed…

…in fact some 20 years worth of shit and then a little has (p)assed since the very founding of DEPTH. This was celebrated by both the bacon-farming, beer-drinking danes and the whale-hunting, oilfinding norwegians at the end of august. Photos may follow, as may releases and pictures of naked middleaged men dancing to a certain 6-second version of a (the most?) famous norwegian popsong made by (A) Scandinavian pop band of the 80’s (Abba, *-**, Aqua). Releases may also follow, at least a scroller was written! Thanks Allanon, Sprocket & Skurk for coming to Denmark to meet hund., Trip, Folcka, Quedax, Bakerman, Gizmoduck & yours truly.

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Revision 2013 – 20 Years of protracking!

Okay, so none of us actually made it to this awesome party (for childish reasons as in “we are old enough to make babies and babies are not old enough to stay at home on their own”), but our good friend Mr. Corial/the super-active and acclaimed FOCUS DESIGN still wanted to make sure that the 64k Intro competition would take place, so he released “20 Years of Protracking” which made it to third place in the competition. Also, this update should have been along months ago. I used to mail-swap faster than I post on this (or indeed any?) site.

Watch out for the 20 year jubilee of our group, something will happen. Really. We might just fart synchronously. All of us. At the same time. That’s what synchronously means. Really.

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TRSAC 2012

TRSAC is known to be one of the friendliest demoparties on earth, and this year was no exception. Curt Cool was around and released some quickly tracked music resulting in the obligatory bronze duck. Presence was also around. Along with our good friends in Loonies, Focus Design, Powerline, TBC, Moods Plateau, Mirror, Fnuque, DUB, Darklite, po-RNO, Haujobb and needless to say in this delayed partyscroller, everyone we forgot.

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