(church of) TRSAC 2015 – Ducks, monks, leeks & chilipeppers

It has been that time again, as in TRSAC time, which means that Curt Cool  & Presence went to TRSAC in Aarhus. This year, the party had grown a bit, which means that about 150 people from all over Europe were present. Curt was awarded silver and bronze ducks for his efforts “Underpants Funk” and “Sail Ho, Spaceship” (executable music with sounds created with Blueberry’s Cinter resulting in a 1972 bytes amiga exe) and was also in the GERP spinoff chippack from The Chiperia Project. Once again a well organized party with a friendly atmosphere, nice meeting you again friends and leek aficionados. Stay off the chili-schnapps, it will burn your brain (if all the other stuff doesn’t).

And check out Mr. Cool’s Youtube where you can find some mods and other stuff from past years – not necessarily put up there by the man himself.

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