Hmmm, it’s been a month since REVISION 2014 (or “The Intergalactic Demoscene Spacecup” or sumthin like that), and well, this blockbusting party was visited by mr. Curt Cool, sitting along with Corial and Blueberry (for instance) which resulted in a nice 64k intro and an equally nice 4k intro (which both made it to 2nd place in very close competitions). Curt also had a bit of fun in the tracked music and 32k executable music competitions with varying results and did a bit of voice acting for a certain game about going to a certain former German easter party – guest starring mr. Cool himself.

Bah, it’s strange talking about yourself in 3rd person. Anyway, I had an awesome party, greets to DUB, Loonies, Moods Plateau, Focus Design, TRSI, BooZombies and lots of others, was I the only one drinking dark German beer? (Kötzritzer still!).

See you next year, everyone (hopefully before :).


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Folded Open

Together with our good friends in Focus Design we made Folded_Open (as in Corial & Curt Cool did one of their fancy-ass co-operations), this time for Datastorm 2014 which Corial visited, leaving poor Curt alone home with wife and kids. We came 2nd. People liked it. It seems. Really.

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TRSACrebleu 2013

Yeah, Mr. Cool & Mr. Presence were there and had fun and drank beer, schnaps & waffle liquor. Curt also released two tewns, worthy of mention is “Pardon My French” (title should be spoken with a heavy french accent to make it sound extra stupid) which made it to 2nd place in the tracked music competition. Not so bad. Greetings to all of you soopa doopa TRSACers, wonderful time as always!

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Some time has assed…

…in fact some 20 years worth of shit and then a little has (p)assed since the very founding of DEPTH. This was celebrated by both the bacon-farming, beer-drinking danes and the whale-hunting, oilfinding norwegians at the end of august. Photos may follow, as may releases and pictures of naked middleaged men dancing to a certain 6-second version of a (the most?) famous norwegian popsong made by (A) Scandinavian pop band of the 80’s (Abba, *-**, Aqua). Releases may also follow, at least a scroller was written! Thanks Allanon, Sprocket & Skurk for coming to Denmark to meet hund., Trip, Folcka, Quedax, Bakerman, Gizmoduck & yours truly.

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Revision 2013 – 20 Years of protracking!

Okay, so none of us actually made it to this awesome party (for childish reasons as in “we are old enough to make babies and babies are not old enough to stay at home on their own”), but our good friend Mr. Corial/the super-active and acclaimed FOCUS DESIGN still wanted to make sure that the 64k Intro competition would take place, so he released “20 Years of Protracking” which made it to third place in the competition. Also, this update should have been along months ago. I used to mail-swap faster than I post on this (or indeed any?) site.

Watch out for the 20 year jubilee of our group, something will happen. Really. We might just fart synchronously. All of us. At the same time. That’s what synchronously means. Really.

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TRSAC 2012

TRSAC is known to be one of the friendliest demoparties on earth, and this year was no exception. Curt Cool was around and released some quickly tracked music resulting in the obligatory bronze duck. Presence was also around. Along with our good friends in Loonies, Focus Design, Powerline, TBC, Moods Plateau, Mirror, Fnuque, DUB, Darklite, po-RNO, Haujobb and needless to say in this delayed partyscroller, everyone we forgot.

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Revision 2012

Curt Cool was the not-quite-lonely soul visiting Ze Deutchen Easter (Oyster) party in Saarbrücken – oh yes, theze germans keep moving the party further and further away from Denmark. You bastards. Or something.

This also ment the release of the traditional Depth (&Focus Design) 64kb filler entry, this year entitled “Freeloader“. Thanks to Corial – unfortunately no prize since there were actually more than three entries in the 64kb Amiga intro competition, thus obseoleting the meaning of the filler entry.  Also, Curt Cool released about two music entries, of which, most memorably, “Revisiting the 90s” reached 5th place in the tracked music competition.

On a personal level, Curt sez “super-awesome to meet all of you guys (for some of you: Again might be appropriate) – Kötzritzer rulzt!” (and that’s a beer which Mr. Cool bought and drank/gave away a crate of, should anyone be in doubt).

On the subject of the future, it is most definitely coming ’round, mainly all of the time, and it might among other things contain releases, or at least we receive interplanetary telegrams of such information. And bollocks. Mainly that, in fact.

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TRSAC (and a few weeks later!)

Curt Cool and Presence went to TRSAC in Århus (no not “Aarhus”, that’s for lamerz) along with a whole bundle of other sceners, and boy-o-boy did we have fun or what? We are sure that drunk organizers do a better job, and we are also sure that this may be the most friendly party we have ever attended.

The dear Mr. Cool released two tracks there but was not exactly catching the taste of the public (read: Dubstep or techo of sorts). Still, his tracks, Bobstep and Too Scared to Care can be downloaded at seasoned ftp mirrors (as in around the globe.

Presence is also a member of Fnuque who actually releases something from time to time (as in “quite often”), mainly on WinDoesNotCompute-based platforms. They also released some stuff at TRSAC. And did swell.

Synergies developed at TRSAC, and so, Curt was asked to do a quick track for Focus Design for the demo Boost which won at GREP Brown. As he joined Hoaxers earlier this year, he also contributed to the the c64-demo Naked Grinder with no less than two SIDs. This demo was released at Kindergarden 2011 at the same weekend as GREP Brown.

Now, we will sit back in the good oldskool nineties lamer fashion for a while. And then some. See you, whoever you are.

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News from the summer and slightly later.

TRSAC is right around the corner, and it seems that Curt Cool and Presence will be going to Århus once again to drink, party and maybe release some music, demos, … You name it, we (ain’t?) got it – well, never mind, as long as they serve duck for dinner, eh? Preferably wrapped in bacon which is probably what could be an intriguing thing to do to the braindead kids who keeps on lurking until we forget to update WordPress, then hack this peace-loving, unsuspecting website.

Earlier this summer, in August, Curt Cool visited Little Computer People in Lund, Sweden (yeah, it’s just across the bridge you know 🙂 and released no less than one chipmodule, which came second in the tracked music competition (yes, the link is a download link for the compo entries). He also joined the group Hoaxers with Sprocket and Skurk in doing demos for the good ol’ C64 – so there could be some Curt Cool SIDs in future demos from Hoaxers.

Speaking of Skurk, he also released another one of those Amiga ECS 256 bytes intros, this time simply called 256-byte scroller. N-Joy. Or don’t. But don’t expect a prize if you don’t. Unless that prize is a great big kick in the bollocks.

And lastly, thanks for a nice ONSDAGS-MEKKA last wednesday to all you old farts – you know who you are.

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Revision, small intros & Solskogen

Wow! Clear the front page! Activity! Madness! AMIGAAAAAA!

No really, this should probably have been written a while ago, but neverthless, some stuff was released: First, we have the intro “Conqueror“, which was released at Revision 2011 – thanks to Corial/Focus Design for using Curt Cool’s music and attaching a Depth logo to his annual compo-filler.

Also, our fine coder Skurk has been a busy fellow, releasing no less than two micro-small intros, “Interferencing” (512 bytes in late May) and “Circus” (256 bytes in mid-july). Excellent work, you bad bad BAD man.

Also, Skurk visited Solskogen 2011 – but no releases there, though this editor guesses he met the usual crowd of drunken lunatics from Scandinavia and generally had a brill time …

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