Chiperia and partying with the vikings at TRSAC

Oh my… It’s been a while, though not a while of total inactivity on our Amiga scene behalf. To take your mind off America going mad (or being haxxored), here’s some impressions of TRSAC 2016, from the dear Mr. Cool who (in the company of Presence and many other friends) attended this very traditional Danish autumn demoscene event as usual held in the beautiful city of Århus. Which he as usual did not see much of, being caught up with a bunch of farting, drunken nerds who seem to be very good at producing children these days – not at the actual party though. He also had the pleasure of being part of the winning oldskool demo, Badabing by Focus Design (Amiga AGA) though with a module (that’s a piece of music in Amiga 4 channel format, ed.) that Corial had dug up from the most deep, dark and faraway basements of a shady past. He also released a module in the tracked music competition, entitled Scared Shitless, which came 4th in the competition. Not too sad, considering his general inability to stand up (caused by heavy vodka inebriation) set in right before the prize ceremony. On another note, he and Cytron had chiptunes in Chiperia #5 and Chiperia #6, working with Amiga scene legends as Dan, Facet and Blueberry. So get watching and take your mind off the orange haired mushroom cloud, some fools have elected. Or alternatively, just have some pepperschnaps.

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