Depth is an AMIGA SCENE group which was formed by a bunch of crazy danes with the wonderful AMIGA, and demos especially, as their main hobby, in July 1993. These guys met in the now very lame rooms of a local computer club, and Depth was the result of some discussions and thoughts of forming a scene group, inspired by people from Balance (Wolfman, Scope, Connor, Wreko, TNT! & Motion) who were also visiting the same computer club, as well as GNU Design (Firebird), Shadow World (Wez, Gilthanas, The Guru) and quite a lot of other people in and out of the scene.
Depth was at first a merge between 2 completely unknown groups, namely Cure (Curt Cool, Gizmoduck, Folcka) and Coniac (Quedax & Nightsight). None of those groups ever released anything.

Still, these 5 guys are the ones behind starting Depth up, we had almost no knowledge about the scene except from Magbox (which Wolfman was editing at the time) and the aforementioned computer club, where we saw a lot of nice demos.

Later on, more members joined in Denmark – Folcka met Trip at a diner with his parents and he was asked to join – etc. As Curt Cool and Gizmoduck started to swap, and our first release, Cooltunes was released, the Swedish/Norwegian group Hangover joined in 1994, and while the Swedish members later left to form Giants, the Norwegians stayed in – although a certain organizer who met Solo and Allanon at The Gathering ’94 was not even aware of their membership at the time. During its 15 years of existence, Depth have had members in Poland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, Switzerland and Denmark – and probably had about 50 members at its biggest.

There was also a Finnish amigascene group called Depth at the time – or so we found out, and though there was contact and ideas of a merger between the two groups, the Finnish guys joined another group before the groups were joined together.

In 1996, Bakerman and Cytron joined after travelling to The Gathering ’96 with Curt Cool – and the group started to enter a golden age. The legendary Danish karaoke demo “Darkhawk er Sød” was released at South Sealand ’96 along with “Puost” and as such the usually unserious, humorous, weird, insane, provocative, … nature of the group was evident in the productions. Later that year, we talked to Estrup/Static Bytes and took over the Official Eurochart. We wanted to use his code, but the sources were incomplete and not too commented, so Quedax had to recode it all from scratch. We (mainly Cytron & Curt Cool) were involved with the Eurochart for 5 years and 15 releases – and the code was used until the latest issue in 2007 – so it had quite a life-span.

In 1997, Optima (now of Haujobb) joined, and during the next three years, we made a lot of demos as well as the Eurochart, got some decent positions in some compos and generally pissed off the scene with constant loud replaying of “Take on Me” (and thus a certain coder/musician/editor naked) and “Ballon-Kat”. A form of psychological warfare against IRIS, Puzzle and organizers of big commercial parties with annoying rules like “The Party” and “The Gathering” and everyone who seemed provocable. A style which we still to a certain degree try to practice.

After 2001, we mostly released stuff sporadically, due to the lack of active coders – but luckily, there are still a few active members around and so, we release some stuff on various platforms every now and then.

– Curt Cool, Organizer!