Surprisingly, it’s … 2023 …

…and so it’s time for an update about … mainly … 2022 ? Well, that’s obvious. Still, in 2022, Presence and Curt Cool, along with other friendly danes, went into a drunken haze at TRSAC and somehow returned. Presence released no less than two nice intros, River Snake and Copper Trouble  Fnuque (and won the compo), and Curt managed to win the tracked music competition with The Jettison Approach. In other news, Depth will turn a whopping 30 years old in 2023, this very year. So, with present delays in mind, expect some release or party to celebrate this in 2029 or so. Curt also competed in some silly C64 crack intro music competition, and Folcka managed to come 7th in the graphics competition at GERP 2023 with Staggered, his first pixelled full screen picture in about 25 years (!). RESPECT! On the way to TRSAC, Curt Cool also did a little lecture on the demoscene at Retro Gaming days in Vejle, DK – and it was so successful that you might see more of him doing about the same thing this summer… So, things seem to be going nicely. Zzzzzzz … Wake up, it’s soon time for another instance of Presence’s ongoing Demostue meetings. Bakerman has beer and football and whatnot, Trip has food and game music, Gizmoduck has a new floor on his house coming up, hund. has a game company, Cytron lives in London, the Norwegians are mainly in Norway (as far as this editor knows, some could possibly be in space) and Revision 2023 is coming up in April! Woohoo!

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