Revision 2023 and that wonderful springtime

As Easter and spring is upon us, there’s usually an Easter demoparty in Germany. Unfortunately, it has been three years of Corona but during this very Easter, the identified scening object was back and landed at the usual E-Werk campsite, bringing plenty of beer and an amazing amount of scene productions with it. Or rather, the participants did.

Curt Cool and Presence made their way there via trains, cars, planes and unfortunately no boats, along with a friendly (and not quite rowdy, more like … old … or at least middleaged) band of Danish sceners. Curt was involved in various productions of a scenic nature, most notably contributing music to the 2nd place Amiga intro called “Griffin” by Nah-Kolor and Offence, and also music for “Visor Beams” by Nah-Kolor which came a measly 7th in Amiga demo, a tune for “Chipo Django 2” chip pack which was released in the wild competition and a little tune in the oldschool music competition entitled “Inconvenience Store” which placed very close to dead last.

His tracked music, “Spring is on me” was preselected and later released as a remote entry at 68k Inside in Finland, where everybody also hated it, it seems. The management tried to have a serious chat with him about this, but he kept making strange facial expressions and making random noises until he shouted something about the demosceners having no taste in music and that chamber pop is the next big demoscene thing. We strongly doubt that.

However, we will allow him to send his greetings to all of the friendly people we met at Revision – and especially to Loonies, Fnuque, Nah-Kolor & Moods Plateau who provided a friendly table neighbour environment. “And to everyone else, I talked to” he says. We are not sure he even has a clue who and send our apologies. Both for what he said and what he doesn’t remember.

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