Revision & GERP fun

As the world reopened, some of us may have chosen to stay at home for GERP and Revision 2022. Or rather, our own Presence went to GERP and we didn’t really choose to stay home for Revision which was mainly a virtual demoparty. We would probably have attended it if it wasn’t.

However, this did not keep a certain Mr. Cool from flooding these parties with his strange Amiga music releases, making 5th in the GERP (unoffcial) Amiga executable music competition with Inspiracer (pretracker), and 7th in the cover music competition with Microdosage Mario (mod), kindly delivered to the party by Magic/Nah-Kolor.

He also reached abysmal (well, OK, fair) positions at Revision, with Scant Fabric which came 7th in the oldskool executable music competition and Diskthief which made 8th in tracked music.

An honourable mention should also go to our friends at Fnuque – Presence, Blueberry and Swaxi who made a very respectable 4th place in a rather tough and difficult oldskool intro competition with Hex Junkie. As for the party, well, beer can be consumed at home as well, the Amiga Demo competition (our highlight) was fairly disappointing – but still, excellent to see som many releases across all platforms.

Hopefully the world will soon provide us with demoparties which we will attempt to attend, even at our old age. In the mean time, watch demos, have fun, archive your disks and give peace a chance. No, it is highly unlikely that a certain Mr. P/Russia (superpower eli7e group in their own mind) is reading this. He is, after all, seemingly living in a bubble when no one had even thought about internet. And wants to stay in it by all means necessary. Sad times indeed.

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  1. Björn says:

    Sorry for being inconvenient, but i am looking for a module by Trip that wowed me in my teenage years: Post Ouverture. Unfortunately, i cannot find it anywhere but i am sure that i got it a few decades ago. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot in advance, Björn

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