Christmassy demoscene xmas before christmas

Or just merry xmas and a massively delayed TRSAC update. Because Mr. Cool and Mr. Presence attended TRSAC again this year. In fact, they went straight to hell. And had fun. And beer. As usual, Curt released some tunes. And wasn’t particularly succesful, regarding achieving golden, silver or even bronze ducks in the competitions. And thus is a victim of racial and musical bias. And is allowed to cry and complain about it on social media.

I mean, competing against all these other white males who does much more modern electronic music. It’s so hard these days, being old and out of fashion. A good kick in the balls would probably suit him.

But of course, you like these tunes. Or maybe you don’t, but provides you with the opportunity:

Skanxx Loucid (made at TRSAC, disqualified for the acid competition)

Technologueology (actually made for Revision but released at TRSAC streaming music competition – came dead last)

Hell Well Hidden (came 4th in the tracked music competition)

This aside, Curt also managed to contribute to Chiperia 8, with the tune The Sickening. And says merry christmas with this conversion from a mod from 2001.

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