That one 2021 update (so far)

Ah yes, this should have been done a while ago, during the Corona lockdown, while we were all sitting cosily in our little houses, minding our own little businesses. But no. Obviously procrastination and numbness set in, but now, as the world has returned, we might as well return to the world and you, dear reader (as our expectations for readership is about 1 reader).

During the past years, we have seen our dear Presence host several Demostue events at his house and found it a pleasure to attend them with other demosceners such as our own Folcka (creator of the above logo – and a whole lot of unused pixel graphics). So we (hey, Pressy) will work towards that that the future will hold some productions featuring some of these unused pixel graphics.

Also, Curt has been contributing a bit to Jurassic Pack 18 with a bit of music and text, and of course contributed to the once again to the music competitions at the online stay-at-home Revision with Agent Paula (10th) and Indecisive, and also with a few patterns to On Fire by Nah-Kolor (4th in 64k Amiga intro competition. As if that wasn’t enough, just recently, PreAmp II by the demoscene radio station Nectarine, features another two tunes from him.

So, guess some stuff is after all sort-of-happening at its own random (going towards slow) pace. Faster, faster, they say, but can we deliver something? Time will tell, if not forgotten.

But, in the future, we hope to once again be able to meet you, drink with you and see your (man-)boobs live and well at a nice, real life demoparty. Boy, that would really be something – and an opportunity to find out if we have become the antisocial bastards we feared we would one day become.

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