Taking your scene up to Revision 2016 – or Revision 2016 to the scene

Ahem, yeah, that headline is a load of b*ll*cks, isn’t it? But the truth remains still. A very small part of it to be revealed here is however that Curt & Cytron was at Revision 2016. For Mr. Cool, this was quite usual, whereas it was splendid to see Cytrons comeback (says Mr. Curt, who benefitted from Cytron keeping fairly sober and being able to escort Mr. Cool to wherever he can’t remember now due to some intake of something). Naturally, we met with our good demoscene friends in Insane, Chiperia, Loonies, Moods Plateau, TRSI, Traktor, BooZombies, Pacific and surely plenty of others – even had one or two beers with them (each person). We also RELEASED something, as this party saw the long awaited release of Coolism 2, featuring code by Skurk, music by Curt Cool, graphics by Corel/Insane (cough, cough, Sprock) and text by various Depth members. As if that wasn’t enough, Cytron decided to release a new celebration of our love for the dear Darkhawk/IRIS, “I Still Love Darkhawk” – it didn’t fare too well in the streaming music competition and neither did Curt’s “Ghost City Street” (in the tracked music competition) or “Back in Space” (in the old school music competition using Blueberrys Cinter VST Softsynth). But we think they’re mostly awesome anyway. Though the authors will be guillotined shortly. Although Curt had a little success as he did the music for “Revolution” by Nah-Kolor which came 2nd in the Amiga intro competition. Anyway, thanks to the organizers and everyone for yet another great party. Stay in Awesome, don’t join Tired.

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