Revision antics in Saarbrücken. Yes, again.

Same procedure as every year? Could be, though Revision is not quite Groundhog Day as of yet. People even seem to be getting older and nobler, at least judging by looks, though we can’t be quite sure regarding their behaviour and mentality. Anyway, once again, Mr. Cool visited Revision 2017 during Easter (yes, Easter tradition it is) and even brought some releases himself. In the close races of the music competitions, he made 7th place in the 32k Newschool Executable Music Competition with “Quaint Love” (which is really 3k, using Oidos VST by Blueberry/Loonies – and Renoise), 9th in the 32k Oldschool Executable Music Competition with “Cintustrial” (which is really a 2.4k Amiga exe, using Cinter VST by Blueberry/Loonies – and Protracker) and 7th in the Tracked Music Competition with “Firerider” (Protracker module). Not to forget, him & Cytron also contributed to Chiperia #7, the latest issue of the fine and all-Amiga-scene-dominating chippack, you all love. As the sole member attending, some greetings to my Swedish, Dutch, Croatian, German, Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, French, Finnish, British, Hungarian, Swiss and Polish friends. The demoscene is really way less bureaucratic than the EU, you know. And you can have beer and even give away beer there and people might even like it. So who cares about the rest? Ah, wait …

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