Annual Revision antics

Oh, the awkward steampunk-esque beauty of ageing German industrial areas. Fire coming out of chimneys, odd old buildings falling apart. Yes, once again Das E-Werk in Saarbrücken was the place to be at for Revision 2018, the undoubtably largest demoscene (and Amiga scene) party, as usual held at Easter. And now, two months later, it is time for one of these updates that I would assume very few people actually read.

However, Revision was visited by your personal Depth heroes The Hardliner and Curt Cool, plans were made and stupid ideas discussed, beers were drunk and niceties were exchanged. So, basically, everything was more or less the usual, but in a good way. Many of the old farts –  er …  friends – were about,  yet a little more youthful madness and drunkenness might have made it even more fun. But what’s one to do at 42?

Curt did however also participate in the Nah-Kolor intro Centaur which came third in the Amiga intro competition. He also released a little music, coming in 6th in the tracked music competition with the 4 channel/8-bit “Tax Haven Dry Hump” (now, how is that for a title?) and 8th in the old skool music competition with “Robot Bar” made with own sounds designed and calculated with Blueberry’s Cinter soft synth.

The Hardliner also released a little tune in the streamed music competition but with limited success, thus we shall not dwell on it here. Now, let’s see if these Depth people can come up with something for their 25th anniversary? Or just celebrate in silence? We will see! You will see, indeed.

ps. Curt did a little party report in Danish.

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