Revision 2024

So, you’re saying Curt Cool was at Revision? And did not bother to write anything for this site that nobody ever reads anyway – until now, some three months later? That’s just totally unacceptable. Busy with his job and his family? No, that’s not an excuse. At all.

Well, neverthless, he was, representing Depth and participating with a tune in the oldschool executable music competition, Wigged, which came a puny 10th. The preselected mod, Devilhopping (yeah, his music has become so bad no one will ever play it) later came in 5th (out of 7) in the tracked music competition at 68k Inside in Finland (remote entry) .

That aside, he also tracked music and wrote an article or two for the absolutely splendid Amiga diskmagazine Jurassic Pack 20 – with big thanks to Ghandy and Novel for making it happen and to all contributors.

And then there’s chippacks, that lazy way that so-called musicians tend to put out their droning, squeaky warbles. Of course, he had to contribute to those instead of organizing something for this dear group. So, he had a tune in Knight Chips II by The Electronic Knights (thanks Okeanos), Chiperia 11 (thanks Bonefish – finally!) and Chip Chop 17 by Desire (thanks Ramon B5).

And Revision… Well, these days the scene consists mainly of drunken uncles, but unlike us, they seem to be quite active drunken uncles. In other words, a ton of demos, tracks, games and graphics (some of it was even impressive) were released at Revision, on and off our dear old Amiga computer, so there were plenty of competitions to follow on the big screen.

Depth greetings follow: Spreadpoint (thanks for the sendings, Tilt), Moods Plateau, Brainwave, Loonies, DUB, Nah-Kolor, Darkage, Offence, Unstable Label, Desire and possibly a ton of other people who managed to disappear into beer. Let’s try and see if we can make it once more next year!

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