Revision 2012

Curt Cool was the not-quite-lonely soul visiting Ze Deutchen Easter (Oyster) party in Saarbrücken – oh yes, theze germans keep moving the party further and further away from Denmark. You bastards. Or something.

This also ment the release of the traditional Depth (&Focus Design) 64kb filler entry, this year entitled “Freeloader“. Thanks to Corial – unfortunately no prize since there were actually more than three entries in the 64kb Amiga intro competition, thus obseoleting the meaning of the filler entry.  Also, Curt Cool released about two music entries, of which, most memorably, “Revisiting the 90s” reached 5th place in the tracked music competition.

On a personal level, Curt sez “super-awesome to meet all of you guys (for some of you: Again might be appropriate) – Kötzritzer rulzt!” (and that’s a beer which Mr. Cool bought and drank/gave away a crate of, should anyone be in doubt).

On the subject of the future, it is most definitely coming ’round, mainly all of the time, and it might among other things contain releases, or at least we receive interplanetary telegrams of such information. And bollocks. Mainly that, in fact.

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