TRSAC (and a few weeks later!)

Curt Cool and Presence went to TRSAC in Ã…rhus (no not “Aarhus”, that’s for lamerz) along with a whole bundle of other sceners, and boy-o-boy did we have fun or what? We are sure that drunk organizers do a better job, and we are also sure that this may be the most friendly party we have ever attended.

The dear Mr. Cool released two tracks there but was not exactly catching the taste of the public (read: Dubstep or techo of sorts). Still, his tracks, Bobstep and Too Scared to Care can be downloaded at seasoned ftp mirrors (as in around the globe.

Presence is also a member of Fnuque who actually releases something from time to time (as in “quite often”), mainly on WinDoesNotCompute-based platforms. They also released some stuff at TRSAC. And did swell.

Synergies developed at TRSAC, and so, Curt was asked to do a quick track for Focus Design for the demo Boost which won at GREP Brown. As he joined Hoaxers earlier this year, he also contributed to the the c64-demo Naked Grinder with no less than two SIDs. This demo was released at Kindergarden 2011 at the same weekend as GREP Brown.

Now, we will sit back in the good oldskool nineties lamer fashion for a while. And then some. See you, whoever you are.

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