Happy 2019 everybody

Ah yes … You will of course all know that Depth turned 25 years old this summer/autumn (in 2018). Some members in the Copenhagen area (that would be Curt Cool, Nightsight, Bakerman, Gizmoduck, Trip, Folcka and our former member LPN. Of the founding members (Curt, Nightsight, Gizmoduck, Folcka, Quedax), only Quedax was missing.) had a little meeting where they basically played a few old games, discussed some of their new creations, including the above remix of the 25 year old traditional Depth picture. And afterwards, there was beer. And then … More beer. Of course, it was the idea to make a 25 year celebration intro of sort, but that (as usual ?) hit the rocks. Photo and sound footage from the event not available due to the behaviour and conversation of the individuals involved. We think of the children, you know. And the mothers.

On another note, should you not have had enough of christmas, you can listen to the annual musical christmas card from Curt Cool. He and Cytron also contributed to the two latest issues of Chiperia – that would be no. 9 and 10 which were released simultaneously at Compusphere 2018 due to delays which – for once – had nothing to do with us. Really! Earlier on, in August, Curt had already made the music for a Greetztro by Nah-Kolor, released at Datastorm 2018.

And finally, a little release: Apparently, Paithan has been working on a Pico-8 game which was missing some music, and so, we decided to make it a Depth production. So go on and Ski or Die.

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