News from the summer and slightly later.

TRSAC is right around the corner, and it seems that Curt Cool and Presence will be going to Århus once again to drink, party and maybe release some music, demos, … You name it, we (ain’t?) got it – well, never mind, as long as they serve duck for dinner, eh? Preferably wrapped in bacon which is probably what could be an intriguing thing to do to the braindead kids who keeps on lurking until we forget to update WordPress, then hack this peace-loving, unsuspecting website.

Earlier this summer, in August, Curt Cool visited Little Computer People in Lund, Sweden (yeah, it’s just across the bridge you know 🙂 and released no less than one chipmodule, which came second in the tracked music competition (yes, the link is a download link for the compo entries). He also joined the group Hoaxers with Sprocket and Skurk in doing demos for the good ol’ C64 – so there could be some Curt Cool SIDs in future demos from Hoaxers.

Speaking of Skurk, he also released another one of those Amiga ECS 256 bytes intros, this time simply called 256-byte scroller. N-Joy. Or don’t. But don’t expect a prize if you don’t. Unless that prize is a great big kick in the bollocks.

And lastly, thanks for a nice ONSDAGS-MEKKA last wednesday to all you old farts – you know who you are.

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