Revision, small intros & Solskogen

Wow! Clear the front page! Activity! Madness! AMIGAAAAAA!

No really, this should probably have been written a while ago, but neverthless, some stuff was released: First, we have the intro “Conqueror“, which was released at Revision 2011 – thanks to Corial/Focus Design for using Curt Cool’s music and attaching a Depth logo to his annual compo-filler.

Also, our fine coder Skurk has been a busy fellow, releasing no less than two micro-small intros, “Interferencing” (512 bytes in late May) and “Circus” (256 bytes in mid-july). Excellent work, you bad bad BAD man.

Also, Skurk visited Solskogen 2011 – but no releases there, though this editor guesses he met the usual crowd of drunken lunatics from Scandinavia and generally had a brill time …

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