TRSAC ’10 – Great party!

Curt Cool and Presence attended TRSAC 2010 in Aarhus, Denmark. The party was a success – and filled with drunk sceners and organizers with their pants off (at least during demowatching) who neverthless managed to make it all click and fit together without suddenly going BOOOMM! We co-operated with Focus Design on the Amiga AGA 64k intro called “Rotek” – featuring code by Corial and Optima/FD, graphics by Ib and music by Curt Cool -and came 3rd in the compo which also included PC entries. Curt Cool also competed in some music compos – coming 4th and last in the oldschool music compo with “Amfetamine Fraggle” and 2nd in the 16k executable music compo with “Making My Own Clone“. Greetings to everyone there – hope to be seeing you next year!

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