Breakpoint ’10 – LIKE THERE’S (motherfucking) no tomorrow!

Once again, some of us (namely Presence, Cytron & Curt Cool) took a (long) trip to Bingen am Rhein, Germany. Some on the Danish Onion Bustrip, which was long and filled with noisy Adonis and Steel on the way down and shabby ninja movies (amongst others) on the way home. Naturally, we took our pants off as Danes are supposed to do during demowatching, had a good time with German beer (and plenty of friends 😉 by the bonfire and generally enjoyed ourselves. Curt Cool also released a few tunes – which came 11th in 4ch music and 7th in oldschool executable music. Tunes can be found at the Breakpoint website. Thanks friends for an excellent time!

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