Demos run in a steady stream

Revision 2020, which, due to Corona worries, was held as a streaming event with old men sitting in their homely sofas and mancaves in underpants drinking beer, took place during Easter. Very appropriate given that (already before Corona) this year’s slogan was “Welcome home”. Curt Cool had been busy writing music for the Nah-Kolor intro “Crashing Bitplanes” which came 4th in the Amiga 64k Intro competition, and also participated in two of the music competition though not with as much luck (or quality?) as say, last year. Splattergas managed a puny 12th position in the tracked music competition for which the Depth management will indeed whip his sorry ass – and hear none of his excuses that he misunderstood whether or not instruments such as gong and theremin are generally loved and appreciated by all people. Bring the Spring fared a bit better, coming in at 8th position in the oldschool music competition.

Another important matter is that you – if you are in possession of any old demoscene material – should remember to have it archived, safeguarded and generally kept from the infinite forgotten of data rot, mould, plastic deterioration, leaky capacitors and all the other sorry things that damages and destroys ancient data. In other words, get your old floppies, hard drives and backup media copied to modern computers in some way and archived for public consumption on the various demoscene archives. Yes, Mr. Cool did a seminar on just that – and how to do it – for Revision (my, he was busy, wasn’t he?). Feel free to write him for any help or assistance.

Lastly, we salute our Finnish and German friends for having the demoscene accepted for UNESCOS list of intangible cultural heritage. Congratulations, and if someone here in Denmark would be interested in helping to get the Danish demoscene on this list as well (as part of the international effort) feel free to write.

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