Breakpoint 2009 Update

Better late than never – Curt Cool was at Breakpoint ’09 and competed in three music compos, with no notable results – which makes certain facts and conclusions spring to mind – the thing is, it seems nobody really cares about the music competititions at Breakpoint, which is probably due to the quite low quality of the selection of tunes – or that the scene audience have completely revolved into people who mainly care for boring and unvaried variants of techno, drum’n’base etc. Still, music compos have always been a strange thing but the Breakpoint policy of not allowing competing musicians in the preselection juries probably keeps some competent people out of them – and that actually matters since only about a quarter or a fifth of the party visitors actually vote in the music competitions. Friend voting matters too I guess…

On a lighter note, it was great to meet the usual suspects, drink (more than) a few great German beers and generally enjoy oneself. Demowatching is best with your PANTS DOWN. Stay in awesome – don’t join tired!

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