TRSAC 2008 Update

Curt Cool was at TRSAC. He won the oldschool music competition (out of two entries) with the 4 channel Amiga module “Hobos Broken Phrunk” which can be downloaded here. He also came second in the executable music (out of three entries) competition with “Boozanova” – made with ReNoise and Blueberry’s softsynth – unfortunately the tune isn’t really executable yet, but it will be when Blueberry finishes off everything. And last but not least, Trip & Curt Cool made a song for the streaming music competition – it wasn’t too successful, but still came in 6th out of 11 tunes. The song is called “Database” and can be found here. It’s quite fun (the lyrics too) but obviously the scene is as it always was: Wanting techno, drum’n’bass and other boring genres …

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