Datastorm 2019 & TRSAC

Datastorm 2019: The real party is outside – photo: Pad / Kristian Tjessem

Time for the bi-yearly update of As summer was coming close to its demise, Curt Cool took a little improvised trip to Datastorm in Gothenburg, celebrating the Amiga and C64 and spending fine time at this excellent party at the fabulous (or just very punk-esque) Truckstop Alaska where dolls are hanged from the trees, Volvos appear out of nowhere – and in early August, the weather was still fine so that the real party could be, yes, outside. Outside the prize ceremony was also where the tunes from Mr. Cool went in the music competitions which were pretty close, coming in 9th in the tracked music competition with “Mount Rushwave” and 4th in the chipmusic competition with “Why, Rachel, Why?“.

Unfortunately the bulldozers are moving in on the fabulous venue (beer was also served), but hopefully future Datastorms can be arranged at a similar kind of place. Datastorm-Datastorm-Datastorm! Greetings from Curt to Phreed, Hedning, Magic, Magnar, Blueberry, Cheesy, Alpa, Vedder, Ca$h, Wasp, Florist, Slash, Mr. Pleasence, Hoffman, Booger, Dlx, Photon, Notorious and a bunch of other old drunken men living in the past (and enjoying it tremendously).

On another matter, TRSAC took place in Aarhus only mere days ago, and we are happy that our own (or rather, Fnuque’s) good young Presence managed to win the oldskool demo competition with his comeback “Tunnel Vision“, a 4k intro for AGA Amigas. Congratulations Presence. Also with finishing something. Also, dear organizers, hope to return to Aarhus in 2020.

And, not to forget, maybe there’s something YOU can do to get the demoscene on UNESCOs list of intangible cultural heritage?! Sounds crazy? Well, maybe it is, but that does not mean it is a bad idea – read more about it at And also, remember to support Versus.

Datastorm 2019: Compo watching – photo: Pad / Kristian Tjessem
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  1. phreedh says:

    Greets in belated return, Curt Cool! It was a pleasure meeting you! 🙂 Just stumbled across this when googling for some Datastorm pics. Hope to meet you at a party again in a not-too-distant future!

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