What the HELL Was I Thinking?

Yeah, what indeed. Thinking? THINKING??? Well, someone obviously was thinking something – this may come as a surprise to the world, but we do occasionally think, and sometimes, we mediate our thoughts on oldschool computers. So, this is the final version of “What the Hell Was I Thinking?” which came 5th in the combined demo competition at Kindergarden. Enjoy.

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Skurk and Curt Cool went to Kindergarden 2009 in Oslo. The atmosphere was nice, the bonfire was crackling, the beers (etc.) were cold – and we weren’t even freezing. Greetings to our friends there. There was also a release from us, of which a final version will be out real soon – it will be announced right here – as well as on pouet and Bitworld. Curt also released an old tune … Zzzzz … Well … Kindergarden was a nice party which we might want to visit again sometime, if that sometime allows.

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We were hAXXOREd …

…but now we are back.

Obviously Saudi Arabian haxxors are leading the crusade against disrespectful attitudes towards religion, ideology and pretty much everything else, so it comes as no surprise that our site is the target of the attack.

Don’t worry guys. We will try not to think any more, and certainly never mean or insult anything or anybody. Ever. Again. You really got to us, where it hurt. “Oh! The pain!”

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I am happy to announce that DEPTH have released COOLISM – a chippack featuring music by Curt Cool, code by Skurk and graphics by Sprocket, made to celebrate the 15th jubilee of our first release, Cooltunes, from way back in spring 1994. It should work on all Amigas and UAE configurations and can be obtained right here. Enjoy!!!

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Breakpoint 2009 Update

Better late than never – Curt Cool was at Breakpoint ’09 and competed in three music compos, with no notable results – which makes certain facts and conclusions spring to mind – the thing is, it seems nobody really cares about the music competititions at Breakpoint, which is probably due to the quite low quality of the selection of tunes – or that the scene audience have completely revolved into people who mainly care for boring and unvaried variants of techno, drum’n’base etc. Still, music compos have always been a strange thing but the Breakpoint policy of not allowing competing musicians in the preselection juries probably keeps some competent people out of them – and that actually matters since only about a quarter or a fifth of the party visitors actually vote in the music competitions. Friend voting matters too I guess…

On a lighter note, it was great to meet the usual suspects, drink (more than) a few great German beers and generally enjoy oneself. Demowatching is best with your PANTS DOWN. Stay in awesome – don’t join tired!

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TRSAC 2008 Update

Curt Cool was at TRSAC. He won the oldschool music competition (out of two entries) with the 4 channel Amiga module “Hobos Broken Phrunk” which can be downloaded here. He also came second in the executable music (out of three entries) competition with “Boozanova” – made with ReNoise and Blueberry’s softsynth – unfortunately the tune isn’t really executable yet, but it will be when Blueberry finishes off everything. And last but not least, Trip & Curt Cool made a song for the streaming music competition – it wasn’t too successful, but still came in 6th out of 11 tunes. The song is called “Database” and can be found here. It’s quite fun (the lyrics too) but obviously the scene is as it always was: Wanting techno, drum’n’bass and other boring genres …

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15 years birthday!

It is now 15 years since Depth was born! It will thus be legal for Depth to have sex. Any occurances of that before, are and have of course been  illegal and should be reported to the authorities (panserne og strisserne).

Who knows, maybe there’ll be a release sometime which celebrates … ?

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Depth at Solskogen

I’m pleased to announce that Depth was present at Solskogen in Norway and even made some releases there (!). Ledge and Deary http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=69056 was the only entry in the oldskool demo compo and thus won it (haha! that’s the real way of winning compos!).

A Nintendo Wii demo called Ledge and a WildDemo called Mowii was also released there, reaching 10th and 3rd place in their respective compos. These will also be available soon!

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Welcome to the Depth site

We will soon fill in information about Depth.

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